Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Altitude Sports no longer available on Comcast?
A: Comcast has removed Altitude Sports from your channel lineup.  This decision was made by Comcast despite our offer to extend our existing carriage agreement and avoid interruption of your service.

Q: When will Altitude Sports be back on Comcast?
A:  We continue to attempt to negotiate in good faith, but Comcast has adopted a take it or leave stance.  Comcast refuses to offer Altitude terms that are equal to those they provide to any of the seven regional sports networks they own and operate. This begs the question why they are treating our fans and network differently than the networks that Comcast owns and operates themselves.
Q: Fans are tired of missing the games, why can’t Altitude just get a deal done?
A: The simple answer is that it takes two parties to negotiate a fair deal.  Unfortunately, Comcast has been unwilling to agree to a fair market deal to keep this programming for fans in the Rocky Mountain region.  
For the past fifteen years, DISH Network, Comcast and DIRECTV have all carried Altitude Sports under very similar terms.  At this time, Altitude Sports has reached an extension with DIRECTV.  However, Comcast has been unwilling to even consider an agreement under comparable terms.
Q: Will Comcast credit me for the loss of Altitude Sports programming?
A:  Comcast, which is the exclusive cable operator for the vast majority of Denver, collects monthly regional sports network fees. They continue to retain the bulk of those fees, even though they have eliminated one of the two networks tied to them.  Thus far they have provided some of their customers a minimal refund.

Q: How can I keep viewing my hometown teams on Altitude Sports?
A: Call 833-2-KeepALT (833-253-3725) to be connected to Comcast and tell them to bring back Altitude Sports to their channel line-up. Altitude Sports, and its full lineup of sports programming, is available on DIRECTV.